Our Latest Nominations

These are the nominees for our exclusive Values Recognition reward. Do you know someone who embodies one of our core values? They deserve recognition if so, and should be up here!

Olenna Tyrell
Mike Ross
Christine Stafford
Jonathan Coulton
Washington D.C.
Kirstin Maldonado
Alan Glucose
Michael Fush
Pamela Handerson
Jon Richardson
Ashley Ulcer
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Our Values

Our values are at the heart of our business. How we behave drives both our employee and client experience and is critical to us achieving our strategic goals. Be part of something exceptional; bring our values to life.
We are passionate
about quality
We are passionate about quality
We believe in the
power of collaboration
We believe in the power of collaboration
We think
We think differently

The Ashurst Values

Recognition Programme
The Ashurst Values Recognition Programme allows you to recognise your colleagues for role modelling the values. This programme is a chance to celebrate the contribution that many of our colleagues make each day to living our values.

How do I make a nomination?

Click the ‘Make a nomination’ button on this page and complete the nomination form. Please give helpful information about how the value has been lived and consider the positive impact it had on others including clients and the firm.

Who can make nominations?

Anyone across the firm (as long as they have completed at least one month's service with the firm) can nominate and be nominated by anyone else. It is important to make sure your nomination fairly reflects the efforts of your colleague.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation committee will evaluate your nomination against the following five criteria. Therefore, to ensure you present your nomination positively, please keep the following in mind:
How big an impact has the activity had on the client (internal or external client)?
  • Is the client experience significantly improved?
  • Have the client's expectations been significantly exceeded?
Has the nominee gone above and beyond the scope of their role?
  • Have they done something that is completely outside of their job description?
  • Have they done something within their job function, but exceeded the boundaries they usually operate within?
Has the nominee challenged the normal way of doing things?
  • Have they used a different approach to achieve a better outcome?
  • Have they introduced a new idea or taken a learning from elsewhere in the business?

Your Account

Manage your account and make sure you can be nominated for a reward within our programme. You can keep track of your sent and received nominations here, and keep up to date with the latest nominees.

Contact us if you have any questions about how to make a nomination, or if you’ve received one and you’d like to know what to do next. Or for any other reason.